Defense News will host a series of events during AUSA's Annual Meeting with a variety of military, government, industry and think tank speakers. The events will take place in-person at the Walter E. Convention Center in Washington DC but livestream options are also available for a virtual attendance.



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October 9th | 7:30AM EST

U.S. adversaries continue to integrate offensive missiles into their military strategies – what does this mean for the U.S. and how will it strengthen its capabilities for strategic, effective missile defense?​

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October 10th | 7:30AM EST

The U.S. Army recently made its largest helicopter contract award in 40 years to build the Future Long-Range Assault Aircraft. Now, what does the timeline look like for Army aviation goals, including FLRAA and others, and what challenges are likely along the way?​

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October 10th | 12:00PM EST

As data becomes ever more important for decision making and battlefield control, securing and protecting it is a top priority for the Department of Defense. Technologically advanced competitors are pushing the limits of data security, forcing new strategies, tactics and technology to ensure data can be trusted to be accurate, unadulterated and protected from manipulation or deletion. In this panel discussion, military leaders will discuss how data can be kept safe, secure and dependable in the face of constantly advancing threats.

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October 11th | 7:30AM EST

Network portability and communications infrastructure are essential to the ability to fight and win against any adversary – and Army forces also rely on advanced Assured Positioning, Navigation and Timing/Space (APNT), tactical space and navigation warfare capabilities, and delivery of next-gen weapons for soldiers.

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